Battle Born Bootlegger Aluminum Beadlock Installation Guide

Installation Guide - Battle Born Bootlegger Beadlock

  1. Remove outer ring from wheel and set aside along with the 24 bolts.
  2. Install the valve stem or original factory TMPS.  (provided in one of the wheel boxes)
  3. Lay the wheel down with the face up.
  4. Lubricate the inner bead of tire and shove it over the outer lip.
  5. Place wheel suspended in the air either on a tire machine or use a 5 gallon bucket making sure the tire’s weight and the outer bead of the tire is resting on top of the flat surface the wheel.
  6. Seat the outer tire bead in the shoulder of the inner ring of the wheel and center the tire. Ensure that no excess rubber flashing is exposed above the shoulder of the inner ring.
  7. Place the outer beadlock ring on the wheel sandwiching the tire bead between the two metal surfaces and center the tire and ring inline with the holes.
  8. Using anti-seize on all the bolts, start 4 bolts by hand directly across from each other in a X pattern.
  9. Once all 4 bolts are started, install all the remaining bolts by hand in a star pattern.
  10. Start tightening all the bolts with a torque wrench at 10 lbs in a star pattern.
  11. Once all of the bolts are at equal depth switch the torque wrench to 18 lbs and proceed to tighten all of the bolts in the star pattern as stated above and repeat until all the bolts are at 18 lbs.
  12. Please note as the ring is settling, previous bolts will not be at torque spec so you will need to go around the wheel multiple times.
  13. Recheck bolts after first use.
  15. Maximum recommended air pressure is 30 psi

Warning: For off-road use only beadlocks are not DOT approved