Co-owner: Christopher McClung 

Co-Owner: Aaron Orlick



We created this business based on a passion. The passion to go off-road, explore the wilderness, and to do it with a confidence that your vehicle will get you there and back safely. We found the need for a true off-roader's wheel. Building your vehicle can be a very daunting and expensive task. We felt there was a need for quality and affordable wheels for your application because we have dealt with the same issues. When I first built my Jeep Willys buggy, I knew I couldn't afford fancy beadlocks after all the other parts I needed to throw at my Jeep. I thought I could buy a DIY weld on kit and save some money. After buying some cheap steel wheels for $400 and ordering a DIY kit for $350 I wasn't saving very much money. I then proceeded to spend the next two weeks putting these things together using my nights and weekends after work. I was never very happy with the end result and knew there had to be a better way. 

So we came out with our budget friendly wheel option.